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How Do You Keep Your Team Motivated When the World is Falling Apart?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In this day and age, there are so many uncertainties. COVID-19, the political climate, economic forecast, and movement for equality have dominated headlines over the past several months. Being in the multifamily industry, we are no stranger to a crisis- whether large scale or something that hits a bit closer to home, whether it be death on the property, disgruntled employee, management change or company layoffs. When faced with challenges such as these, how do you respond in a way that is both honest and uplifting to the people around you? As leaders, how we respond matters. Keep reading for some tips on how to keep your team motivated, engaged, and excited amid a crisis- no matter how large or small that crisis may be.

  1. Have clear lines of communication. The biggest frustration for employees during uncertain or shaky times is the lack of communication from corporate or upper management. Being able to make it clear to your employees that your door is always open for them makes a big difference in the comfort they feel in their role. Communicating the situation as it develops is also a huge key in making sure your team feels secure. If you aren’t sure how to deliver this message, talk to your regional or vice president for direction- and practice your delivery. Being honest about the crisis, even if it’s a sticky one, is better than keeping your team in the dark. Be careful not to over-communicate here and keep the information clear, concise, and on a need-to-know basis.

  2. Don’t just deliver the bad news- have a solution ready. Anyone can announce a catastrophe. How we follow it up with an actionable solution is what separates leaders from everyone else. Increasing the frequency of your team meetings might be a good idea during this time, especially so you can continue to talk through the plan of action for controlling the crisis. Giving your employees ownership and accountability over some of these items is also a great way to make sure everyone stays involved and feels valued.

  3. You set the tone. In your role, no matter if you have people who report to you or not, you set the tone for the people around you. During a crisis, employees are usually looking to their peers for reactions and emotional responses. It’s a natural part of dealing with change. When we can approach a crisis with understanding, compassion for others, and an optimistic outlook fueled by action, we can permit others to do the same. If you feel yourself start to become overwhelmed by the “what ifs”, take a deep breath, refer back to your action plan to handle the situation, and remind yourself that this too, shall pass.

  4. Celebrate small wins. Especially during tough times, teamwork really does make the dream work. Whether it’s completing a part of your action plan, receiving kudos from a resident, recognition from your home office, or even getting that delinquency report done on time, celebrate with your team every step of the way. And recognize their small wins, too! A pat on the back, afternoon latte from Starbucks, their favorite candy, or handwritten “thank you”, can go a long way in making your employees and colleagues feel valued and appreciated. That, in turn, can lead to higher work efficiency, more satisfaction in their role, and a more positive outlook in any situation.

  5. Everything rolls downhill. When the crisis is large scale and encompasses more than just your community, make sure that the communication from your home office is passed along to your team. Share an encouraging email from the CEO, pass along an uplifting note from your VP or regional, and don’t forget to let them know how your team is doing as well. Call out your colleagues for their successes during your challenging time and know that we all win when we can encourage each other.

Whether COVID-19 has your community handling things a bit different, an owner change is in effect, or even if you just want to be prepared for whatever comes next, BG Multifamily has your next great hire ready. From social distancing attendants, elevator concierges, additional make-ready techs, and superstar leasing professionals, you can be ready to tackle any situation with BG Multifamily. Contact your local branch today to learn more about our services.

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