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How BGSF Invests in Field Employees

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

At BGSF, field employees, or field talent, is the priority.

Whether they are looking for a short-term role, a long-term contract, or a permanent placement with our Direct Hire program, we aim to treat them exactly the same as our internal employees. Consistently communicating with our field talent, supporting them in their careers, and making sure they feel connected to the larger BGSF community leads to better career turnout. We love making your future our purpose.

Here are five ways we make sure our field employees can meet their goals:

1. We explore ways to offer continued training and education. Looking to join the property management industry? Take a half-day ‘Tomorrow’s Talent’ class with BGSF and learn about how to build customer rapport, close an apartment lease and conduct a property tour. Interested in growing your skilled labor career? Join BGSF’s maintenance training program and get upskilled with HVAC certifications, plumbing and electrical knowledge and even maintenance supervisor training in order to jumpstart your maintenance career in as little as 8 weeks.

2. We offer market-specific support and career coaching. BGSF has national coverage throughout the United States and Toronto, Canada. Our Directors are well-versed in our clients’ needs and our in-market Staffing Coordinators are ready to place our talent in the best position that aligns with their career goals. Whether it’s entry-level or something more senior, BGSF makes sure we’re up to date on the latest openings in property management and equips our field talent to fill those roles.

3. We celebrate BiG wins. Hired on permanently? Achieved a certification with our BGSF maintenance training program? Whatever the win, the BGSF team will be present to shout and cheer! We love being able to support our field talent in their personal and professional goals and that means openly encouraging them to be proud of themselves and their accomplishments.

4. We offer compensation that aligns with state and federal expectations. BGSF now pays at least $15.00 per hour to our field talent. BGSF understands that continue to be competitive in the property management staffing industry, compensation needs to meet or exceed minimum wage and we will always strive to support our field talent through pay.

5. We offer referral rewards. We always aim to go above and beyond for each of our field talent employees. And we hope by doing so, our field talent refers their own friends and family members to BGSF! Once a referral works 50 paid hours for BGSF, we reward the referrer with $50 on a gift card of their choice through our rewards program!

Whether you’re looking to hire one of our field talent employees or looking to make a move into property management, let BGSF be your support.

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