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Holiday Help: The Role of Temporary Staff in the Multifamily Industry

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but for many in the multifamily industry, it can also be a period of increased demand and stress. From managing an increase in resident demands to covering staffing gaps, property management companies often face a surge in tasks that require immediate attention. This is where the role of temporary staff becomes crucial in maintaining the high standards of service that residents expect. Let’s explore the significance of temporary staff during the holidays and how they can help properties thrive during this festive season.

The Need for Holiday Help

  • Handling Increased Resident Requests: The holidays bring with them a wave of resident requests. From maintenance issues and package deliveries to managing common areas, the demand for responsive customer service skyrockets. Temporary staff, whether they are maintenance technicians or front desk personnel, can be a lifesaver during this period. Their presence ensures that residents’ needs are met promptly, allowing the permanent team to focus on long-term strategic tasks.

  • Decorating and Maintaining Common Areas: Holiday decorations and maintaining the common areas to create a festive ambiance can be a time-consuming task. Temporary staff can be invaluable in ensuring that your multifamily property looks welcoming and well-kept. From hanging up holiday lights to cleaning up after gatherings, their contributions can make a significant difference in resident satisfaction.

  • Handling Package Deliveries: Online shopping is at its peak during the holiday season, which translates to an influx of packages being delivered to residents. Temporary staff can assist in sorting and delivering these packages, ensuring that residents receive their parcels promptly. This not only helps maintain order but also contributes to the overall resident experience.

  • Supporting Resident Events: The multifamily industry often hosts holiday events and gatherings for residents. Temporary staff can help in organizing and running these events, from setting up and decorating communal spaces to assisting with catering and clean-up. Their presence allows for a seamless and memorable experience for residents.

  • Filling Gaps in the Schedule: The holiday season can be a challenging time to manage staff schedules due to time-off requests and varying hours of operation. Temporary staff can fill in the gaps, providing extra support during peak times. This flexibility ensures that your multifamily property can continue to offer excellent service without overburdening the permanent team.

Temporary staff play a vital role in ensuring that residents receive top-notch service and support during this festive period. Their flexibility, willingness to step in, and dedication to maintaining high standards make them indispensable to the multifamily team during the holidays. By embracing temporary staff, property management companies can enhance resident satisfaction, alleviate stress on their permanent teams, and ensure that the holidays are truly a time of joy for all involved.

BGSF is here to assist property managers as they prepare for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Contact us today and get ahead of the game this year!

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