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Happy Mothers Day

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We asked all our women bosses here at BGSF if they had any fun quarantine stories about motherhood. We’ve collected the best stories that came our way to share with everyone. As hard as this pandemic has been, we’re still able to celebrate the small things, and for some, socially distant celebrating the BiG things: 


My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child.  We attended their gender reveal in person, socially distanced, as siblings and friends watched the event live on Zoom!  We guessed the gender of the baby before the ceremony, and we were right!  It’s a girl – due Sept. 17!!  Blessings still abound in this crazy time we are experiencing.


We have teenagers here, and it’s rough.  My favorite moment from quarantine so far happened one evening after a particularly hard day with kids.  I took a glass of wine out to the back porch and sat for about five minutes just to have some peace and collect my thoughts. When I decided to re-enter the house, I passed my husband in the garage.  Me, with my wine, and him, with an empty bottle of Jim Beam. Neither of us spoke, but we made eye contact and words just weren’t necessary.


Here’s my funny co-worker story. I’m new to BG and Zycron – have been here under 2 months. (What a blessing to start a new position during these crazy COVID times!) Due to COVID, my four-year-old, Evie, was home for the first 6 weeks of the job, and just went back to school this week (WAHOO!) About a week and a half into my new position, I was on the phone with a fellow recruiter for some training on BullHorn. Truth be told, my kiddo was being absolutely crazy that day and I was hiding in my closet to speak to my co-worker. I was watching the security app on my cell phone to make sure Evie didn’t escape the house, but I realized she’d been very quiet for several minutes. I asked Patrick to hold on a moment, came out to the living room, and found Evie with a half-gallon of ice cream just eating away and living her best life. I chose to pick my battles that day…. She was being quiet, actually not making a mess, and wasn’t terrorizing our dogs… so I let her continue eating ice cream while I finished up my call.


Mother’s Day weekend is always a special one, I love my mother with everything I’ve got, and we were able to make her day special by buying her flowers, getting her headphones and getting her favorite food. So Sunday was a special and very relaxed day, on Saturday we really wanted to extend and show appreciation to all of the mothers in our family, so we bought flowers and created our own family flower packages for all of my aunt’s and Grandmothers and we delivered them safely to their respective houses, we just wanted to show love to all of the special women in our lives.


I haven’t seen my mom since the new year before all of this started, but we got to spend a little time on Mother’s Day on a socially distant picnic. Gloves were donned, face masks were worn for the sharing of the food. But the best part is that I got to yell-talk to my mom across a six feet patch of grass, and it’s made my entire year. Being an only child, it’s been difficult to not go near my parents as I’m at high risk and so are they. We’ve already planned our next social distant picnic with my aunt on her front lawn…It’s the little things! Oh, and tacos, those are good too.

Happy Mother’s Day from us to you!

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