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Empowering Your Employees Begins on the Inside

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Today is National Job Action Day, a day dedicated to recognizing and empowering those who dream of having a job they love! In celebration of this day, we, at BGSF, considered the steps our organization has put in place to empower our employees and encourage their career growth while allowing them to pursue their passions and purpose.

A recent step BGSF has taken to help live out our mission statement, Your Future. Our Purpose, and empower our employees, was the launch of our New Hire Onboarding (NHO) program. The purpose of our NHO is to provide a centralized onboarding experience to welcome new employees, allowing them the opportunity to build relationships with our leadership teams, giving each new employee visibility to career advancement opportunities, and elevating the new hire experience. 

By attending a variety of virtual meetings with department leaders, NHO allows team members to receive consistent messaging and acclimates them to our company culture while also ensuring they have a thorough understanding of their responsibilities. This program promotes cross-divisional relationships and introduces new hires to key stakeholders. NHO supplies an inclusive learning experience for new hires throughout their time with BGSF and provides them with tools and resources to be successful in their roles.

When employees feel empowered, they are more likely to remain engaged and report high job satisfaction. According to Forbes, one survey of 7,000 employees showed that employees with a high level of empowerment were at the 79th percentile for engagement — more than three times the engagement level of their less-empowered counterparts!

BGSF new hires’ NHO experience:

Lenora Woods, Account Manager – BG Multifamily, Atlanta

  • How did NHO impact your onboarding experience at BGSF?

  • NHO made a great impact on my onboarding experience. I learned about and experienced a taste of what BGSF’s company culture is all about. It gave me the reassurance that I will be supported in my current role, as well as in my growth within the company. 

  • What excites you the most about the BG culture after NHO?

  • The thing that excites me most about the BG culture is that I am a part of a diverse group of people who love giving back to their communities, helping people and their families, all while having fun. 

  • What value did NHO bring to how you engage and interact with other team members?

  • After participating in NHO, I feel empowered to engage with other team members from other markets. I appreciate being encouraged to build relationships with those outside of our own market. Doing so only helps us be a stronger contributor to our respective teams. 

  • What about your NHO experience resonated with you the most?

  • The CEO Roundtable resonated with me the most. I enjoyed learning about Beth’s journey to CEO, how she works in the community mentoring other female CEO’s and business owners and learning simple things like what she does in her spare time. Many times, our CEOs are “untouchable,” so it was nice to have a candid conversation with the leader of the company and be heard. 

Christian Veir, Talent Coordinator – BG Talent, Houston

  • How did NHO impact your onboarding experience at BGSF?

  • NHO gave me various tools and trained me on techniques that can be valuable in my operations as a talent coordinator at BG Talent. The iGNiTE orientation was very valuable and insightful that will help the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting through exposure to different soft skills and different scenarios of conflict resolution, diversity, inclusion, and equity and depersonalization. I believe bringing these topics to the forefront of others’ minds is important to support a diverse work environment and help the recruiter in their objective outlook on candidates.

  • What value did NHO bring to how you engage and interact with other team members?

  • NHO brought tremendous value to how I engage and interact with other team members. This opportunity allowed me to connect with others that I normally would not connect with and gave the experience of how to navigate communications and relationships with team members. I have developed relationships with others outside of my geographical area that I believe I will carry throughout my time with BG Talent and onward.

Employees who believe in the value of their work, and the company, are better team members and higher contributors to the overall business’s success. We are excited to introduce our pilot NHO program as a best practice and look forward to seeing the impact it has on our new hires!

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