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Don’t Solely Rely on Perks to Help Company Culture

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Looking to build a robust company culture? Contrary to popular belief, a great culture is about a lot more than free snacks and video games in the breakroom. If you want to hire excellent people and retain them for the long haul, you need to look beyond the superficial perks. A leader in local staffing services, BGSF helps businesses hire well and keep their employees satisfied. Here are two tips for building a genuine and meaningful corporate culture that goes beyond the little perks:

Share Your Core Values

Your employees may appreciate the free pizza on Fridays and subsidized gym memberships … to make up for all the free pizza. However, this type of perk isn’t what keeps employees at your business. On the contrary, most employees want to believe they’re working toward a noble cause. To that end, it makes sense to create a mission statement detailing your business’ ultimate goals and values, and share this info with your team. Not only do core values help keep your business goals on track, but they also give employees the motivation to come to work every day.

Encourage Employee Bonding

All the perks in the world don’t make up for an unpleasant work environment. To foster cooperation and minimize petty disagreements, encourage employees to bond both inside and outside of work. For example, you could schedule group lunches, arrange for company trips, or sponsor a business-wide contest or competition. Additionally, many companies are encouraging cross-departmental bonding by allowing workers to sit wherever they please. You can even create workspaces with standing desks, so different people can work together and get to know one another.

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