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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! In celebration, employees from our Real Estate division are celebrating by sharing stories and reasons why they are proud of their Hispanic heritage! This year’s theme is ‘Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation’ – Unidos: Inclusividad para una nación más fuerte.” 

I have seen the hard work and efforts of those who came to the U.S. with nothing and built a great life from the ground up. I respect the hardships faced by those that have left the island my family is from and their dedication to a better life for future generations.

Kristopher Bueno, Director of Sales – BG Multifamily

Colombians are gritty and optimistic and filled with positivity and hope. Add Colombians’ friendliness and joy, and an enthusiasm for life that ensures we’re quick to smile. Our contrasting natural regions, their profuse flora, and fauna, the ethnic diversity of our people, and the richness of our cultural and artistic patrimony (make me proud).

Juliana Calero, Regional Operations Manager – Real Estate

I am proud of the courage and strength my ancestors demonstrated as they left their homeland and started a new life in a completely different place that they knew very little about, unable to speak the language. These immigrants took a leap of faith based on hearsay; there was no Internet to tell them about the place that they and their families would soon call home. They worked extremely hard and created smoother roadways for those of us who came after them. Their legacy is my inner strength.

– Adriana Carbonara, Director of Sales – BG Multifamily

I am proud to be a Mexican American! The reason I love to honor my Hispanic heritage is because there is something about our morals that just stands out. We stand for what we believe and work hard to chase our goals, dreams, and desires. We believe in preserving our own culture, and we are proud of things like our music, food, and family!

– Angelica Melecio, Director of Operations – BG Multifamily

I am proud of my cultural heritage and history, stemming from a mix of Taíno, Spanish, and African traditions. Whether it is through music, art, food, traditions, festivals, or one of many other bountiful options, culture is present—and waiting to be discovered—in every corner of this Caribbean paradise. We are strong, relentless, committed, and dedicated individuals. We are very proud of our heritage and what we stand for. Oh, and our food is AMAZING!

 – Yasmin Montez, Direct Hire Coordinator – BG Multifamily

I’m PROUD of my heritage because of the values it has taught me. Mi Papi (my dad), Gracias por todo! Matehuala, SLP

– Alvina Quiroz, Staffing Coordinator – BG Multifamily

I am proud of my heritage because we do so much with so little. In Uruguay, there are about as many people in the whole country as there are in Houston. The number of cows outnumbers the humans!

– Ashley Silva, Staffing Coordinator – BG Multifamily

(I am proud) because we do everything with passion, dedication, love, and respect. My pride in being a Latina is to celebrate the essence, values as a community, and assume the great responsibility of being the best you can be, so that inspired by our efforts, others can pursue their dreams and make them come true.

– Denise Taveras, Supervisor of Internal Recruitment – BG Multifamily

I am proud of being Latina and embrace the beauty in our family traditions. Our culture within itself is so diverse that holding on to our family values and sharing them will all those around us is what makes us unique.

– Elvira Torres, Senior Market Support Specialist – BG Multifamily

I am proud to be Mexican- American because both my parents came to the United States and were successful business owners. They had limited education and taught us to work hard in order to succeed. I proudly say that they owned three restaurants and a bakery. I am proud to call them my parents and to have witnessed what grit can do for any family.

– Rosie Vasquez, TAC Onboarder – BG Multifamily

Our teams are grateful for the opportunity to connect, share stories, and embrace our different cultures. We find strength in our diversity and by practicing inclusivity, our teams and the communities we serve become stronger and more empowered!

We hope you take the time to recognize the rich contributions, histories, and cultures of Hispanic Americans who have helped shape our nation’s landscape and paved the way for a better tomorrow!

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