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BG GIIFT Awards 2023

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

In 2019 , we introduced our internal GIIFT Awards, a program designed to recognize and celebrate our internal employees. A wonderful thing about this program is that employees nominate one another through our BiG Deals platform, powered by Workhuman a tool designed to inspire our team members to recognize and celebrate each other’s successes!

In addition, our BiG Deals platform also provides the following employee benefits:

  • Recognizes and reinforces the actions and behaviors that drive success ​

  • Provides an opportunity to inspire others

  • Extends the reach and impact of our key company messages to recognize more employees

  • Achieves more consistent, equitable recognition​


Our teams have embraced this program, submitting over 2,500 nominations on BiG Deals in 2022!

We had the honor of awarding (14) employees for their 2022 accomplishments! Our annual GIIFT Awards presentation is always an inspiring and impactful afternoon celebrating our amazing employees.

2022 GIIFT Award Winners:

GROWTH: Katie Scott and Lauren Chapman

INTEGRITY: Angela Covington and Jennifer Tyner

INNOVATION: Brian Broyles and Gay Belt

FUN: DeAnna Abbott and Brad Bunin

TEAMWORK: Rasheiya Block and Kristin Thomas

OVERALL: Aleen Boghossian

NOMINATOR: Michelle Austin

BACK OFFICE MVP: Anthony Guerra

GAME CHANGER: Ebony Butler

At BGSF, we love to celebrate in a BiG Way. The BG GIIFT is about connecting great people to great places to work. Impacting communities. Transforming lives. That’s the GIIFT we are lucky enough to give to people every day, and the values we represent. Interested in finding out more about BGSF and what we value? Click HERE  or you can also search our jobs or contact us.!

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