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Allow Recruiters To Discover You On LinkedIn!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Looking for a new opportunity or interested in staying in the know is just a few clicks away. Recruiters search LinkedIn for available consultants all the time.  Below are some tips to assist you with letting recruiters know you are looking and that you are open to being contacted for new opportunities.

  1. Make yourself available: Use that “Open to New Opportunities” feature.  Under the area that says “Let recruiters know you’re open,” you will see a button.  Turn that button to “On” and the word goes out! This setting is only visible to LinkedIn members that have a LinkedIn Recruiter subscription.  Your connections will not see that you have turned this feature on unless they are on LinkedIn Recruiter.  Also, this setting is for 180 days only, after which it is automatically turned off. It can simply be reactivated for a further 180 days.

  2. Keep your page up to date and detailed: Making sure your contact information is current will allow recruiters to reach you immediately. Highlight your skillsets that you have hands-on experience with. Recruiters with specific jobs to fill know what candidate they are looking for. Keywords associated with your field will attract recruiters and help them decide if you are the right fit.  Don’t forget to showcase your accomplishments! How did you save the company time, money, or effort?

  3. Stay connected and make connections: Having a large network benefits you when it comes to recruiters searching for a candidate with a specific skill set. Recruiters could be shown your profile because they may have a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd connection with you.  The more networks you have could allow you more opportunities for career growth.

  4. Be Responsive: You never know what the future holds and sometimes it’s all about timing.

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