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A Skills-Based Resume – Is It Right For You?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your resume? If it’s been a while, your format of choice may be sabotaging your job search. Also known as a functional resume, a skills-based resume highlights skills and accomplishments rather than particular jobs. Instead of listing positions chronologically, candidates set each skill as its own heading and detail their experience in that area. Here are a few reasons a skills-based resume may be right for you.

You Have Limited Employment Experience

Skills-based CVs are often effective for young job seekers and those with limited work histories. As a new graduate, you are unlikely to have a long resume of past positions. One of the benefits of a functional resume is that you can highlight talents and abilities honed through internships, college courses, and temp assignments. For best results, don’t be afraid to add skills garnered in volunteer work.

You’re Reentering the Workforce

Are you re-entering the workforce after a lag? Whether you were away on maternity leave, raising children, or caring for a relative during a health crisis, a skill-based resume can be beneficial for those who’ve spent time performing unpaid labor. To show you are eager to learn, be sure to highlight any continuing education courses or independent study you engaged in while unemployed.

You’re Making a Career Switch

Few of us know exactly what we want to do with our lives when we first enter the workforce. If you are attempting to change careers, a skills-based resume may help you land your next position. While your previous jobs may not sound relevant, the odds are good that skills learned in past positions can help you succeed in your new line of work.

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