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5 Ways to Recruit Millennials

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Millennial workers now comprise a significant portion of the available workforce. However, landing these highly selective candidates is not without its challenges. Here are five ways to find and recruit millennials successfully.

1. Avoid complications.

Love your new online application system? Unfortunately, your future job applicants may not agree. In fact, an overly complex application system can encourage applicants to jump ship. If you want to land choosy millennial workers, opt for a simple system that doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

2. Provide growth opportunities.

Statistics show that millennial employees want to feel passionate about their careers. If you want to attract innovative employees to your business, make it clear that your company offers great opportunities for growth in the coming years. By showing that you reward effort and engagement, you increase the odds of millennials choosing you over your competition.

3. Utilize social media.

It’s no secret that millennials use social media in record numbers. Not only do these employees use Facebook and LinkedIn to make business connections, but they also share their job search experiences online with friends and peers. What does this mean for employers? By promoting open positions on social networks, you can reach desirable job candidates and benefit from a little free publicity to boot.

4. Hold an event.

Career fairs may seem old-fashioned for a generation that spends so much time online. However, setting up a booth at the local college can be an effective way to draw out top candidates. For best results, utilize fun activities like trivia games or Wii tennis contests to attract more students to your booth. And of course, you should offer great swag to passers-by.

5. Be transparent.

There is no bigger turn-off for candidates than applying for a job and not hearing back for weeks. Because millennials are accustomed to speedy communication, companies who make their candidates wait may end up losing their best people to the competition. For best results, make sure your HR department is speedy and transparent with applicants. After all, you don’t want rejected workers discouraging others from applying.

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