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5 Reasons To Upskill Your Team with our Maintenance Training Program powered by Interplay Learning

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

When it comes to retaining your skilled team at a time when skilled labor is on the decline and candidates leave in order to gain experience quickly, keeping your team fully staffed is no easy feat. What if you could offer them what THEY and YOU need? An upskilling program that offers them a chance to grow in their career, and you to grow their skills for positions you need to be filled. A program that we offer through Interplay Learning offers exactly that.

You can take an entry-level maintenance employee from no experience at all to a groundskeeper in less than 8 weeks. A current groundskeeper can achieve make-ready technician status and a maintenance technician can become HVAC certified- all within 8 weeks. All the way up to maintenance supervisor level, Interplay Learning’s simulation videos and 3D simulations will teach any maintenance person what they need to get to their next career move.

Here are the top five reasons to consider upskilling your team:

  1. Retain employees for longer. It’s no secret that good help is hard to find these days and even harder when it comes to multifamily maintenance. By offering upskilling opportunities, your maintenance employee can achieve their next career level with YOUR company and stick around for the long haul.

  2. Boost team morale. When one person on the team is winning, we’re all winning. By focusing on continuing education for your team members, supporting them in their career goals, and giving them an opportunity to grow, you’re facilitating a stronger and more resilient team overall. And when your team is happy, your community is more stable, organized, and a nicer place to live.

  3. Increase employee confidence. Think about the last thing you learned how to do. Format a cell in Excel? Turn a design into vector format? Change an air filter? Imagine your employees’ excitement and confidence that would come from learning several new skills pertaining to their chosen career. Not only would they be eager to show them off, but it could potentially open the door for bigger training roles down the line.

  4. Facilitate industry loyalty. With a career in upskill mode, that is, with a focus on their next step in their career, your maintenance employees can not only develop a passion for their chosen career path, but also for the apartment industry as a whole. With a focus exclusively on apartment maintenance, Interplay Learning is able to support your employees at the community level and thus help keep them within our industry long-term; something we can all agree is needed on a nationwide scale!

  5. Get back to a full team ASAP. Nearly every apartment community is missing at least one maintenance position. Some are missing more. The best part about Interplay Learning is that they upskill for EVERY maintenance position out there. Pick the position you need filled and let’s get your candidate ready!

BONUS- it’s no hassle for you! While your employee is upskilling at their pace, they get the added benefit of using our Client Engagement Manager to help them navigate their learning paths. All you need to do is assign hands-on service requests to them so they can start practicing their new skills at your community to get the hang of it in real life. That’s all!

To find out more about our partnership with Interplay Learning, click here for the press release!

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