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4 Warning Signs – When Applying For A Job

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Tired of toiling away at that job you despise? At BGSF, we specialize in connecting talented job seekers with a wide range of employment opportunities. However, not all positions are created equal. Based on our years of staffing experience, we’ve compiled a list of five criteria that all job searchers should look out for when applying for a new position. Take a look at the following tips and then call BGSF to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

Excessive Commute

There’s nothing worse than spending an hour each morning stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic…except having to go to work for 8 hours after. Before accepting that new position in Timbuktu, consider what your commute will be like on a daily basis. Take factors like gas and auto maintenance costs into consideration and determine whether the job is truly worth the drive. After all, it’s better to turn down an offer now than quit in a few weeks when the commute becomes too much to bear.

Poor Corporate Culture

The fact is, most of us spend 8 to 10 hours a day in the office. However, the workday can feel a heck of a lot longer if we can’t stand our coworkers! Yes, corporate culture can have a huge impact on our overall happiness. Before you sign on the dotted line, take a moment to assess the workplace atmosphere and determine if it’s a good fit. You should also consider whether your own values mesh with those of the organization. If you anticipate future ethical dilemmas or a stressful workplace populated by Negative Neds and Nancys, then you may want to walk away now.

Lack of Leadership and Direction

Is your company seriously lacking when it comes to leadership? While it’s normal for workers to disagree with senior management now and then, a pattern of poor judgment can spell disaster for businesses. Before accepting a new job, consider whether your future managers seem up to the task. If a company appears directionless or economically unstable, you may find yourself job hunting again in the near future.

Opportunities for Advancement

If you’re new to the working world, or on the verge of a career change, your starting salary may not be all that you hoped. However, a solid job prospect should offer opportunities for climbing the corporate ladder, even if the initial wages aren’t all that. After receiving an offer, take the time to question other employees about long-term growth potential. If other employees are grunting and groaning about lack of opportunity, the chances are good you will suffer the same fate.

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