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3 Ways To Recognize Trustworthy Candidates

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Your business is only as strong as the employees who represent you to customers and clients. For this reason, businesses need to work extra hard to find job candidates they can count on to show up and get the job done. While every hiring manager wants to know if a candidate is trustworthy, few know the best questions to ask to determine this fact. Here are three ways to evaluate the reliability of job candidates before you hire them.

1. Ask why they want the job.

This question seems simple, but it can reveal a great deal about a candidate’s intentions. Applicants who are genuinely interested in doing good work tend to answer this question from the heart. Additionally, they can speak to the company’s goals and product offerings. For best results, choose a candidate who demonstrates a genuine interest in the company as well as growing their career.

2. Check employment history.

If you want to evaluate a candidate’s reliability, start by checking their performance at previous jobs. While the occasional job gap isn’t necessarily a bad sign, repeated lags and job jumping can indicate a problem with authority. Don’t be afraid to ask about experience with past jobs and stay alert to candidates who seem to hold a grudge against all their previous bosses.

3. Contact a recruitment agency like BGSF.

Not only can a bad employee cost your firm money in lost time, but they can also cost you clients. If your last few job candidates have been duds, you may want to consider working with a staffing agency moving forward. Not only do recruiters have access to larger talent pools, including passive candidates, but they also have the resources needed to perform extensive background checks and screenings. Working with a staffing firm, can increase the odds that your next hire will be reliable before they walk through your doors.

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