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2023 Workforce Trends

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

More than 9 out of 10 employers are struggling to fill positions because of a skills gap according to the Monster Global Report 2022. While the past few years have shown us the trends of The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, with 46.6 million Americans quitting their jobs in 2022 alone ( we wanted to know your thoughts on what you predict the 2023 Workforce Trends to be

With over 26K followers on our LinkedIn page, we asked the question,

“Which organizational trend is most important to you when considering changing companies?”

Poll options included the following:

  • An Engaging Company Culture

  • Collaboration and Upskilling

  • Increased Employee Benefits

  • Greater Hybrid Work Options

Greater Hybrid Work Options received the most votes at 41%, which is not a surprise considering that companies now recognize that hybrid work environments increase employee satisfaction, allowing people to have a better balance between work, family, and personal time. Flexibility benefits both the employee and employer, increasing employee retention and productivity.

An Engaging Company Culture came in second with 32% of votes. According to Visier, companies that listen to employee feedback and prioritize trust and flexibility see a positive impact on employees and the success of the business. Leadership must set the tone for the company culture, promoting inclusivity and belonging through their actions. This top-down approach encourages all team members to have a sense of belonging and value, including receiving the support needed to achieve their full potential and have a purpose in their work.

Increased Employees Benefits came in third with 16% of votes. Today’s workforce demands flexibility, better insurance offerings, paid time off, and resources to support career growth. Other popular benefit options include employee recognition programs, educational opportunities, company-sponsored events (in-person and virtual), and paid volunteer time off. According to Mercer, VTO is the most desired philanthropic offering a company can offer employees.

Collaboration and Upskilling came in fourth with 11% of votes. Companies that offer resources to help employees increase their skill sets allow them the opportunity to grow and be promoted from within, instead of leaving their current company to pursue career growth. 

In 2023, the workplace is predicted to be more #diverse, #distributed, and #virtual, with an increased focus on employee #retention. These exciting trends are shaping the way we work and big impact on our career growth and satisfaction. Interested in finding out more about BGSF? Search our jobs or contact us!

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