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Nashville Chamber of Commerce Partnership Spotlights BGSF’s Salary Guide


BGSF, Salary Guide

Nashville Chamber of Commerce Partnership Spotlights BGSF’s Salary Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the pace of change in the workplace. Day-to-day operations and even recruiting processes have moved online, and workforce needs are continually evolving. Understanding the current trends – much less what to do about them – can be a challenge for employers.

A North-American-based workforce solutions company, BGSF, hopes its inaugural Salary Guide will help companies and job seekers navigate an uncertain labor market.

Those reading may be more familiar with the IT consulting company founded in Nashville, Zycron which is Powered by BGSF. BGSF, formerly known as BG Staffing, is a family of highly specialized staffing firms that provide recruiting, consulting, and management services in the professional, real estate, and light industrial sectors. Founded in Dallas, the company works nationwide with 89 separate offices and recently, moved into Canada. Across its footprint, BGSF places over 30,000 jobseekers and serves more than 9,000 clients annually.

The 2021 Salary Guide is specific to BGSF’s professional portfolio, inclusive of fields such as IT, cybersecurity, financial services, human resources, and marketing. While BGSF has always provided salary and recruitment best practices to its clients, the new guide marks the company’s first effort to package and promote the information for public consumption.

Despite its name, the 2021 Salary Guide goes beyond compensation recommendations. The publication also highlights hiring trends and offers tips for remote recruiting, as well as a preview of the BGSF hiring process.

“We wanted the salary guide to showcase to our clients and prospective clients that BGSF can be a trusted advisor and one-stop-shop for all their workforce solutions needs,” said Stuart Sides, Senior Vice President, Strategic Customers for BGSF.

Jobseekers may benefit from the guide, too. By setting a standard for compensation, candidates for the laundry-list of titles included in the guide can better assess their worth as they hunt for their next role. BGSF hopes this transparency will help move the needle on pay equity, providing candidates an opportunity to check that they are being compensated fairly.

The guide can also serve as a resource for employers working to build out entirely new teams. Amid the pandemic, for example, some employers have hired cybersecurity professionals to ensure company and employee safety while working remotely. For many, this is unfamiliar territory, and hiring managers may be unsure where to start or what positions are needed. In those cases, BGSF’s Salary Guide may be a useful tool in developing a hierarchical structure for a department.

Yet to BGSF, the biggest asset of the guide is that it is real.

“The jobs and salaries listed in the guide aren’t just a compilation of research and data,” said Sides. “They reflect what we are seeing on-the-ground with candidates we successfully place.”

Developing the publication was no small task, requiring months of work to pull together the data from their various staffing firms. The bulk of that time was spent validating the data with their clients and job seekers on the ground to ensure the salary figures were fresh and reflective of the current job market.

“Our customers were dealing with huge shifts in their workforce,” said Emily Burroughs, Vice President of Marketing for BGSF. “We felt compelled to produce this guide as a resource for our clients struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving trends in the job market.”

The 2021 Salary Guide is available for free on the BGSF website, here.

This article has been adapted for the Nashville Regional Chamber, to read the original article written for the Dallas Regional Chamber

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