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BGSF Sponsors Blacks In Technology, Nashville Chapter


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BGSF Sponsors Blacks In Technology, Nashville Chapter

(Pictured – Edward Allen representing BGSF at the Blacks In Technology, Nashville Chapter Holiday Event)

BGSF is very proud to support the Nashville Chapter of Blacks in Technology with a 2023 Silver Sponsorship.

Blacks in Technology (BIT) is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower and increase the representation of Black individuals in the technology industry. BIT provides support, resources, and opportunities for Black individuals to help them succeed in their careers in technology and to increase their impact and influence in the industry.

The organization offers networking events, mentorship programs, workshops, and other educational opportunities to help members grow professionally and connect with other individuals and companies.

Specifically, to create an environment where black tech talent can thrive, BIT Nashville is seeking to:

  • Expand recruitment efforts for diversity in technology.

  • Support technology education for underserved communities (e.g., educational scholarships).

  • Provide career development opportunities for minorities in technology.

Through its initiatives, BIT aims to address the diversity and inclusion issues in the technology industry and to create a supportive and inclusive community for Black professionals.

BIT Nashville was also a very important initiative to the late Darrell S. Freeman, Sr., founder of Zycron, Inc., which was sold to BGSF in 2017. “I am grateful that my friend Darrell Freeman introduced us to such a powerful organization,” notes Eric Peters, President of BGSF’s Professional Division. “BGSF is proud to support the important work that Blacks in Technology is doing in the greater Nashville area. Our partnership with them focuses on positively impacting people’s lives and shining a light on the need for diversity and equity in the IT sector.”

“We are so happy to be in partnership with the BGSF team,” says Lena Winfree, Vice President of BIT-Nashville. “They have been incredibly supportive and active in BIT-Nashville already, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to move the needle regarding diversity in the technology industry. We appreciate the opportunity to honor the legacy of Darrell S. Freeman Sr. with this amazing team, and we can’t wait to see what is next on the horizon for this partnership!”

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