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BGSF Awarded The 2022 Best Place for Working Parents ™


Best Place to Work For Parents, BGSF, Press Release

BGSF Awarded The 2022 Best Place for Working Parents ™

BGSF: NYSE American: BGSF, a rapidly growing national provider of business management, consulting, and staffing services is proud to announce that the company has been awarded ‘The Best Place for Working Parents™’ distinction for the second year in a row.  BGSF has earned recognition for the family-friendly policies and practices it offers to support employees, specifically working parents. Companies that receive such designation are assessed by the presence of policies such as company-paid health care, paid time off, parental leave, nursing benefits, childcare assistance, flexible hours, and working remotely. This breakthrough assessment recognition is offered throughout Texas, and more notably Fort Worth. Since the city is the 13th largest city in the nation and has the second-highest share of families with children.

“With BGSF, I am able to work around my four childrens’ schedules. It’s incredibly helpful when it comes to my son and his diagnoses, I can be there for every doctor’s appointment, ” says Ceslie Willey, InStaff Staffing Coordinator at BGSF.  “BGSF really means it when it comes to being supportive of working parents.”

Research has shown that companies with great workplace policies are able to support, grow, and innovate at higher rates than their competition. As we look at the future workforce, 83% of Millennials have been known to leave one company for another that carries better benefits, including family-friendly policies. As BGSF continues to expand, it is important to recognize the policies that take proactive steps to bring our company, clients, and candidates into the 21st century. Continuing to improve benefits fitting to a modern lifestyle and rewarding employees is what will earn companies’ quality teams that stay on for years.

Visit and discover if your workplace qualifies for the ‘Best Place for Working Parents™’ business designation or an Innovator Award.

About BGSF

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, BGSF provides workforce solutions and consulting services to a variety of industries through its various brands. BGSF is primarily a professional staffing and consulting platform that has integrated several regional and national brands achieving scalable growth. The company was ranked as one of the largest U.S. staffing companies in 2021 and 2022 by SIA and was named to the largest IT staffing company list in 2021 and 2022 by Staffing Industry Analysts. BGSF’s disciplined acquisition philosophy, which builds value through both financial growth and the retention of unique and dedicated talent within BGSF’s portfolio of companies, has resulted in a seasoned management team with strong tenure and the ability to offer exceptional service to candidates and customers while building value for investors. For more information on the company and its services, please visit the About Us page.

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