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Discover the Future of Multifamily Property Management with BGSF

With over 30 years in the multifamily/apartment industry, we know property management & maintenance staffing.  We have been the leader in the industry specializing in placing skilled property management workers throughout the apartment and multifamily industry.

We also know this: the best talent in the world won’t succeed if they are not a good fit for your property. At BGSF, we work one-on-one with our clients to find the right fit. Background checked, trained, and certified, our people are fully prepared from day one at your property.

The way we see it prepared, confident employees are happy employees. And happy employees make for happier communities, both the ones they manage and their own community at home.

Happy Workers
Smiling Family

Placing smiling faces in multifamily and apartment management jobs

Since 1987 we have pioneered staffing in the multifamily and apartment industry

Strategic solutions that fit any client need.

As a leader in the property management recruiting and staffing, BGSF will create the strategic property management plan to fit what you need, right now.  A team solely dedicated to the onsite commercial property management industry, BGSF is your single source for talented, trained, and trustworthy professionals.


Temporary Employees
Both long and short term

An on-the-job interview guarantees a good hire

Direct hire
When it’s critical to hire the right people, right away

Trying out candidates for a short time BEFORE you make that final hiring decision.

    We help set clear goals and create action plans based on performance: 30/60/90 day & annual reviews Satisfaction surveys Setting goals & standards Mentoring program
    At BGSF, we’re committed to helping our talent learn, grow and explore more meaningful careers: Tomorrow’s Talent Training discounts Learning incentives Cross training Coaching sessions
    At BGSF, true talent never goes unnoticed: Employee appreciation Employee of the month Seasonal activities Performance/Attendance incentives Referral bonuses
    We make sure our talent is always in the know and having FUN. Newsletters Start-up meetings Fun BG challenges Inspiring community events

Got talent? We’ve got some great opportunities.

At BGSF, we know people will flourish when they’re able to pursue their life’s purpose. That’s why we put so much emphasis on placing every person in the right position to succeed. Proper training and continuing education is key to ensuring success, and no other company trains quite like BGSF. Starting with our innovative Tomorrow’s Talent program, designed to prepare candidates to run the day to day operations of a leasing office, including Fair Housing training. If you’re ready to explore new opportunities, fulfill your potential, and find your life’s purpose, BGSF is ready for you!

Expertise Meets Innovation in Multifamily Management

At BGSF, we understand that the right blend of talent and technology is the key to thriving in the dynamic multifamily market. That's why we've embraced cutting-edge PropTech solutions to complement our proven strategies, ensuring your property stays ahead of the curve in a competitive landscape. From comprehensive property management to staffing for maintenance, leasing, and beyond, our solutions are tailored to elevate your property portfolio.

Talent talks.

Dena is an amazing person. She placed me at my apartment complex and I was hired permanently after 3 months. It was an awesome experience. I would recommend BGSF if you are looking to get into a property management career path. Thank you, Dena for all you do! 

- Tracie B. 

Meet the Property Management leadership team.

Find out more about the team that will be helping you make your next great hire or find your next great job.

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Join forces with BGSF, and experience a partnership that brings out the best in your multifamily properties. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, as we continuously strive to innovate, inspire, and lead in the multifamily property management sector. Let's embark on this journey together and set new benchmarks for excellence and innovation in your real estate ventures.

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