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Team Goals – Results of our LinkedIn Poll

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Goal setting is a powerful motivational tool, the beginning of the year being a prime time to create personal and professional goals.

While setting goals for yourself at work is important, it may be even more important to set goals with your team. Individual goals are specific to each employee’s roles and responsibilities, whereas team goals encompass strategies vital to the team’s overall success. Creating goals will help you and your team feel a stronger sense of purpose and direction, while also keeping everyone aligned and working towards the same aims according to

The highest-performing companies reward people for team goals, not just individual goals, according to research by Josh Bersin, HR Industry Analyst, and Thought Leader.

We asked our 27K+ followers on LinkedIn the question,

“Has your team set goals for 2023 to align with your company’s business strategies?”

Poll options included the following:

  • Yes, we have a plan of action

  • We’re currently brainstorming

  • No, we focus on personal goals

  • Other – share comments below

Yes, we have a plan of action received the most votes at 61%, which is not a surprise considering that setting the right goals is key for driving performance and moving your organization toward its long-term vision. Uniting your efforts also encourages collaboration and increased transparency.

No, we focus on personal goals came in second with 21% of votes. Depending on your team size, and company culture, individual goals may work better. Individual goals allow each employee a distinct path to impact the larger goal through their actions, offering greater control and accountability.

We’re currently brainstorming came in third with 18% of votes.

According to 6Q, setting team goals may boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention, allowing employees to understand their purpose within the overall company strategy.

Whether you first set individual goals, and then collaborate to define and agree on team goals, keep in mind where you currently are, what your team has accomplished, and where you want to go. Recognition for hitting goals shouldn’t be reserved until the goal is reached, according to Celebrate your accomplishments along the way, and don’t be afraid to adjust your goals when necessary.

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