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Recruiter Tips: Job Search During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Provide a candidate one job search tip (especially during this time period):

Keep your options open. I’ve seen many candidates get invested in one opportunity, put their job search on hold, and if it doesn’t pan out have to start all over again.  When starting your job search utilize all your resources, networking, job boards, applying directly, and working with a trusted recruitment firm.  Keep applying and interviewing until you have an offer and a start date.

What would you tell a candidate/ tip for updating their resume post-COVID/if they have been affected by layoffs etc:

If you’ve been affected by a layoff you can add a section to your resume covering the time of not working by highlighting any continued education coursework, certifications you received, or freelance projects you’ve completed during the time you were off.  I feel that employers are becoming more understanding about employment gaps in the current market, and the most important thing when updated your resume is highlighting your experience and qualifications.

What advice/interview prep would you give a candidate now that interviews are over zoom or webex? How do you still stand out and make a great first impression when it is not in person?

Treat a video interview the same you would treat an in-person interview.  Many of the professional courtesies of an in-person interview can be carried over to a video call. Dress professionally, be prepared with detailed answers on your experience and thought out questions to ask the interviewer in regards to the company and the role, make sure you’re in an area with a good connection and no background noise or distraction, and let them know it was nice to meet them and thank them for their time.

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