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Are Your Job Postings Too Descriptive?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Are your job postings a little on the long-winded side? In the long run, poorly written or overly descriptive job postings can have a negative effect on your hiring rates. If your dull job listings are failing to attract the best of the best, it may be a time to turn your hiring over to the professionals. If the postings feature too much information, then you may scare away candidates who can help your company. Check out these signs that your job postings aren’t marketing your business in the best possible light:

Too Many Job Duties

Have your last few job listings read like a laundry list of duties and assignments? If you’re using your job posting to describe everything the employee might do in the next five years of work, you probably aren’t marketing the job or the company successfully. Rather than stuff the posting full of requirements, focus on the key skills needed to do the job. You don’t want to risk turning away great prospective employees because they don’t possess every skill and trait on your list. Quality job candidates can learn the day-to-day tasks, but finding candidates possessing the desired characteristics is more difficult.

Overlong Company Description

The best employers are proud of their businesses and want to ensure that potential hires know it. However, including an overly lengthy company description can be a serious turnoff for prospective job candidates. While it’s smart to include details on your company mission and culture, including a long-winded explanation of how the business was founded is rarely beneficial. Instead, focus on the company culture and why employees would be lucky to join the team. Job candidates are probably reading a lot of job descriptions, so a lengthy company description won’t make an impact. However, talking about the unique features of your company in a bullet-point format will excite job candidates and make them want to work for you.

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