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Happy One-Year Acquisition Anniversary, Momentum Solutionz!


Happy One-Year Acquisition Anniversary, Momentum Solutionz!

We are extremely excited to celebrate the one-year acquisition anniversary of Momentum Solutionz! BGSF acquired Momentum as part of our growth strategy to enhance and expand our portfolio of service offerings and capabilities. The acquisition of this leading consulting and managed IT solutions provider not only broadened our IT solutions offerings across our installed client partner base but also created a niche growth opportunity for high-level consultant placements.

One Year Later

“One year later, it is evident that the acquisition of Momentum Solutionz has propelled BGSF further into the Managed Services Solution offering. The expertise and methodology that the team has brought to our organization have proven to be extremely valuable to our existing BGSF clients, along with supporting the addition of new customers,” says Eric Peters, President of the BGSF Professional Division. “We are very excited about what the future brings as we expand this business unit moving forward.”

Momentum is a nationwide management services consulting firm, specializing in ERP, EPM, Cloud Migration, and Solution Architects. The team focuses on efficiency, speed, routing, and resolution for tasks and projects by leveraging a top ticketing system, which creates a self-service function for our customers and the experts we work with directly.

Matt Murray, Senior Vice President of Sales for the BGSF Professional Division, notes, “The acquisition of Momentum Solutionz has proven to be a gamechanger with respect to our go-to-market strategy and Managed Services benefits for all our customers. From the results we’re seeing, it’s clear that customers across all our divisions are benefiting from Momentum and their deep knowledge of Enterprise Business Systems.”

A Seamless Transition

Lorne Kaufman, Vice President of Managed Services and one of the co-founders of Momentum, highlighted the seamless transition into the BGSF family. “Everyone was so welcoming, and having the power of the BGSF brands behind us has been astronomical.” Lorne continued, “In our current and future endeavors, BGSF is helping us build our collective brand, strategize how we go to market, and support us as we sell across their family of brands.”

Click here to learn more about Momentum Solutionz and our Managed Services, or contact us to speak with an expert today!

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