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We know property management & maintenance talent.

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things commercial real estate! Explore our signature services below or click the link to contact us directly. No matter where you're located, we're here for you.

How We Help

    We help set clear goals and create action plans based on performance: 30/60/90 day & annual reviews Satisfaction surveys Setting goals & standards Mentoring program
    At BGSF, we’re committed to helping our talent learn, grow and explore more meaningful careers: Tomorrow’s Talent Training discounts Learning incentives Cross training Coaching sessions
    At BGSF, true talent never goes unnoticed: Employee appreciation Employee of the month Seasonal activities Performance/Attendance incentives Referral bonuses
    We make sure our talent is always in the know and having FUN. Newsletters Start-up meetings Fun BG challenges Inspiring community events

BG’s Smarthire Program

Smarthire places any employee you select on our payroll. We carry all of the coverage and liabilities of our temp services. With Smart Hire, there is never a buyout & no minimum.



Utilize Smart Hire for all your takeover needs! This system rolls any talent selections onto BG’s payroll immediately upon the closing of the property.


New Employees

Smart Hire protects your property from the risks of hiring issues. The BG hiring process is less than one day and candidates begin working immediately!


National Services

The Smart Hire program can be used anywhere, anytime-even if there isn’t a BG location in your market.


Need Top Talent ASAP?

We’re here! With 56 markets across the US, wherever you are, we are too. Whether you’re looking for a permanent team member or just someone to help out temporarily, we have the top talent you need. Contact us today to get your superstar!

Become a Supplier

Ever thought about going to the supplier side? We might be biased, but we think it’s pretty cool. With confidential interviews, our process is seamless.


Contact the BG Talent team.

Have a question about our commercial real estate staffing solutions or a workforce challenge you need to solve? We can’t wait to hear it!

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