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Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown

President, Property Management

After finishing her bachelor’s degree at St. Louis University, Kelly began her career in property management in 2003 managing a combination of new lease-ups as well as existing communities in St. Louis, Little Rock, Phoenix, and Nashville. After opening our Nashville office as director of sales for BGSF in 2014, Kelly was promoted to regional sales manager in 2015 and Division President in May 2021. Currently, Kelly continues to leverage her expertise in the Property Management industry to produce organic growth throughout the US and works across all our markets to help maximize the profitability of the Residential and Commercial Property Management verticals, as well as to assist in opening new markets and provide ongoing strategic direction.

Kelly most recently completed her Executive Master of International Business from St. Louis University and holds her Certified Staffing Professional designation from the American Staffing Association, a credential that covers essential labor and employment law from the staffing perspective. Kelly also spends time volunteering in multiple capacities for the National Apartment Association.

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